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M.G. Creations - Poufs & Ottoman manufacturer. We are suppliers, manufacturers & exporters of designer pouf & custom ottomans.

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An ottoman is a type of furniture which has neither backs nor arms. They are generally a low couch used for sitting or a small seat with cushioned top used as a stool or a small personal table. The ottoman top can be manufactured with inside hinges thus forming a moveable lid for the inside hollow space, which can be used for the storage of household items like linen, magazines, or other daily use items, thus making it a form of usable storage furniture. They are generally placed near to a couch in a drawing room or a leaving room as part of room decor or can also be used as a fireside seat. . We, M.G. Creations are a poufs & ottoman manufacturer. We are high-quality Custom ottoman manufacturers and suppliers from India.

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 Ottoman footstools are generally sold as adjacent furniture to an armchair, couch, or gliders. In different areas around the world, they are known by different names like a footstool, hassock, pouf, Humpty, pouffee, tumpty, etc. The usage trend of poufs has come from the furnishing practices of the ottoman empire, where it was used as the main piece of home seating, often designed as a low cushioned platform intended to serve dual use of seating and decoration. It was earlier designed as an exclusive piece of furniture that wrapped around all the walls of the room, before developing into central padded seats that can be placed in corners or around a pillar.

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Around 200 years ago they were brought to European and other Asian countries from the Ottoman empire, eventually named after their place of origin. Over time, it made its way to all the places and multipurpose use. The size of them also changed with time from medium size seating furniture to small size designer seats. We have an experience of 30 plus years in the manufacturing and exporting of various type of home decor items like, rugs, carpets, kitchen towels, cushion covers and poufs.

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We, M.G. Creations, are poufs & ottoman manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India, we manufacture & export bathmats, cushion covers, carpets, kitchen towels etc.  Best quality customized ottomans are available at wholesale rates  and exported to USA and worldwide. Our factory adheres to all Goodweave production standards. Since our inception in 1988, we have delivered exceptional client service and have maintained a consistent product quality which is also the main reason for our continuous growth. With all necessary social and government compliances, no child labour policy, good working conditions for the staff and customer retention focus have made us an acceptable and reliable partner worldwide.