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Indulge in the Magnificent and lavish feel of uniquely made Kilim Rugs. Kilims Rugs are the handmade miracle of artisans and perfect example of best craftsmanship.

Quality speaks

Manufacturing impeccable quality kilim rugs is the sole motto of our artisans and our company. Only the best quality raw material is used to manufacture all our products.

Reasonable Prices

In comparison to the superior quality of our products the prices are very competitive. We provide best quality kilim rugs at very affordable prices. Our low prices are due to our inhouse manufacturing of all products.

Product Specifications

Material: Wool/Cotton

Size: As per the buyers’ requirements.

Color: As per the buyers’ requirements. 

Packaging: As per the buyers’ requirements. 

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What is Kilim Rug ?

A Kilim is basically a flat tapestry woven rug that is historically manufactured in the mid east area of Iran, Afghanistan, Balkans, turkey etc. Kilims are generally considered one of the best type of rugs or carpets ever produced. They are often used in guest rooms to show the luxurious interior of a house. They are produced by the finest of artisans with very meticulous weaving. The normal time to manufacture a 6*10 kilim is minimum 1 weak, meaning it takes a lot of labour to produce this type of magnificent rugs.

Material used in manufacturing Kilim Rugs.

There are two type of raw materials most commonly used to manufacture a superior quality rug. First one is wool and the second one is cotton. Wool kilim rugs are liked by masses in cold areas and cotton kilims are generally preferred in warm areas. The quality of kilim does not wary much in both of these raw materials.

M.G. Creations: Best quality manufacturing and worldwide export.

Our artisans manufacture of the best quality kilims rugs that are liked by every one around the world. We export customised kilims worldwide as per the buyers requirements.