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M.G. Creations: Rugs Manufacturer. Leading manufacturers and exporters of carpets & rug in India (OEM).

Production & Manufacturing

In-house Manufacturing

We, M.G. Creations, are a leading manufacturer and exporter of rugs and carpets in India (O.E.M). We manufacture all our products in-house at our factories in India and export them worldwide after a thorough quality check of each and every product. Our motto is to maintain the top-notch quality of our products and deliver the best service to our customers. We are a Goodweave certified company, and among all rug and carpet manufacturers and suppliers, our company is known for maintaining and adhering to high-quality production standards. Our product portfolio includes rugs, carpets, towels, bath mats, cushion covers, and other home furnishing items.  

rug manufacturer india
rug and carpet manufacturer india

Our Services & Business Ethics

We offer complete product customization as per the requirement of the clients. Product sizes, colors, materials, and designs of all the products in our portfolio are customizable.

We, M.G. Creations, are known for manufacturing and exporting only top-quality products. To maintain top-notch quality, the inspection of products starts from the beginning itself. Best quality material is selected to manufacture all rugs, carpets, and our other featured products. Every single manufactured product has to pass strict quality inspection before being declared fit for export.

We provide complete logistics and transport services to every client worldwide. We export products to the USA, Germany, UK, Australia, Brazil, all European countries, Asian, African, and Latin American countries.

We are a Goodweave certified rug and carpet manufacturer from India. We adhered to all the Goodweave production standards and always strive to progress by following our motto of sustainable development.

Our business ethics are the foundation pillars of our growth and success. Morality, accountability, responsibility, trust, reliability, relationship, and transparency are some of the business ethics we have inculcated in our daily life.

Our Featured Products

Spring Fair Birmingham

Attended by our subsidiary Ask Rugs.

Spring Fair Birmingham 2015
Spring Fair Birmingham 2015
Spring Fair Birmingham 2015
Spring Fair Birmingham 2015

What is a rug/carpet?

A carpet is a textile product (usually a heavy fabric) used to cover a part of a floor. Usually, it does not cover the whole room and is not attached to the floor permanently. It is used as a floor covering to decorate our house. We produce supply various types of rugs like braided, pile, weaved, handloom, and printed rugs at our factory in India.  Handloom manufacturing and weaving is an art that requires years of experience to master. A skilled artisan can create wonders by manufacturing the best in the class eye-catching and mesmerizing home decor products.

The material used to manufacture carpets and rugs.

Wool: Since ancient times wool has been the primary material to manufacture beautiful products. The demand for wool rugs has been decreasing day by day attributed to their high prices.  A wool carpet is highly durable and can last centuries if properly cared for.

Jute: Jute is a natural fiber, produced in the wet climate of eastern India. It is a durable and cheap fiber that can be mass-produced without causing any environmental issues. Jute decor products are perfectly suited for wet and humid climates as they are rarely affected by moisture.

Cotton: Cotton is a natural fiber that is dominating the flooring products market. In comparison to wool and jute, cotton is cheaper and softer material.  At present, the demand for cotton rugs is highest due to their softness and cheap price.

Polypropylene: It is an artificial fiber that is used to manufacture home furnishing products having vibrant colors and beautiful designs. Like woolen rugs, polypropylene products can also last centuries.

M.G. Creations: we produce best quality handloom, hand tufted and woven contemporary carpets. Our portfolio includes wide variety of in-house produced home furnishing products.