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M.G. Creations - A trusted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of kitchen towels, kitchen linen, tea towel, and dishcloths.

Production & Manufacturing

In-house Manufacturing

We, M.G. Creations, is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of kitchen towel, tea towels, Kitchen linen, dish cloth, dusters, chef towels, and flour sack towels in India (OEM). We manufacture all our products in-house at our factory in India and export them at the most affordable prices worldwide. In order to maintain high moisture-absorbing capacity, we use pure cotton to manufacture kitchen towels/linen, tea towels, and dishcloths. Among all manufacturers and suppliers, our company is known for maintaining a consistently high-quality product and adhering to all Goodweave production standards. 

Kitchen towel linen manufacturer
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Quality Assurance

Our motto is to manufacture only the best quality products at the most affordable price. Every single towel and linen we produce goes through a strict quality inspection under the supervision of our expert team. While maintaining high production standards, we have achieved nearly zero manufacturing defects. In-house manufacturing plays a vital role in quality control and maintaining high-quality standards. Quality assurance is our backbone, helping us to remain ahead among all manufacturers and suppliers of tea towels, kitchen towel, and kitchen linen in India & China.

A glimpse of our manufacturing unit

warping machine

Thread Warping Machine 

Shuttle less machine

Shuttleless weaving loom

kitchen towel manufacturing machine

Shuttleless weaving loom

stitching of linen

Stitching of towels and linen

kitchen towels
Kitchen towel manufacturers
Kitchen towels
Kitchen linen
Kitchen towels
Kitchen linen
Kitchen towels manufacturers
Kitchen linen manufacturer
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Kitchen towels
Kitchen linen
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Kitchen linen manufacturer china



Yarn used in kitchen towels/linen.

Quality A :  Warp count: 2/20, Weft: 10S (Very High quality products)

Quality B : Warp Count: 2/10, Weft: 10S (High-quality products.)


Product weight is measured in Grams per square meter (GSM)

Quality A (Net Weight) : 250 to 300 GSM

Quality B (Net Weight) : 250 to 300 GSM


We provide complete product customization. Product size is customizable as per the client’s requirements. 

Standard Sizes:

  1. 40x40cm
  2. 40x60cm
  3. 50x70cm
  • kitchen towels/kitchen linen/dish towels/tea towels can be made in dobby, waffle, and print to make them attractive and give each and every product a unique look. 
  • 100% natural cotton yarns having very high strength are used to manufacture the products
  • Packing of products is done as per the requirement of the clients. The product can be packed in sets of 3 or as per the requirement. 
  • We have an extensive collection of designs of kitchen towels. Any specific design required by the clients can be adopted with ease.
  • Best quality material is used and is tested for color fastness before being used for manufacturing the actual product. 


Product Customisation

We offer complete product customizations as per the requirement of our clients. We, M.G. Creations, are known for our versatility in providing numerous customization options to our business partners. Some of them are highlighted below.

  • Color selection
  • GSM (grams per square meter) customization
  • Size customization
  • Material use customization
  • Multiple packing option

What is a kitchen towel/Linen?

             Kitchen towel/linen is a trusted multiuse product without which we cannot accomplish certain frequent kitchen works like wiping off utensils and crockery, absorbing regularly occurring spillages, handling hot pots, pans, and other cooking utensils, removing stains from kitchen shelves, etc.  For hygienic cooking, we need to keep our hands clean and dry and a kitchen/tea towel is the only product capable of that. What if you do not have a potholder, oven mitts, or handle mitts? The answer is a single versatile kitchen towel. You can directly buy towels online at our retail store also. 

The material used to manufacture kitchen towels/linen or tea towel:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Microfiber

           The best fabric to meet all the above-mentioned requirements is 100% Cotton because it has a very high liquid absorbent capacity. If made of fresh 2/20s yarn then it gives absolutely zero lint. Cotton is a natural fiber that is a completely environmentally friendly product. It is a highly soft material which suits our comfort and also a durable material

How to choose which kitchen towel/linen to source from the manufacturer?

           Perfect weave: The best design of a kitchen towel is a waffle (Honeycomb), as it maximizes the surface area which ultimately helps in absorbing more liquid and wiping clean a dish in just one go. (honeycomb: this design structure is like a rectangle having raised edges and a deep central part, which is made by step raising the yarns during manufacturing, it also gives a three-dimensional effect to the final product)

           Aesthetics: now day’s theme-based Kitchen towels are very famous for example Halloween theme, Christmas theme, Environment theme, New Year theme, Family theme, holiday theme, etc which blends with the occasion, house design, and color of surroundings. To meet the client’s requirements we manufacture customized dishcloths, flour sack towels, tea towels, bar mops, and chef towels. We always try to remain ahead of all Indian and Chinese manufacturers by producing the best quality products. 

           The standard sizes of a Kitchen towel are:

  • 25*25 cm
  • 40*60 cm
  • 50*70 cm
  • Sizes are customized as per the client’s requirements.
  • Grams per square meter(GSM) is the standard method to measure the quality of yarn and product.
  • GSM ranges from 150 GSM to 350 GSM ( A quality product GSM mostly ranges from 200 GSM to 300GSM)
  • The yarn count used in manufacturing tea/dish/kitchen towels is mostly of two types:
  1. 2/10 Yarn
  2. 2/20 Yarn
  • Customization of yarn count, GSM, color, and sizes are done based on the specifications given by the client.
  • Country of sourcing: India is the hub of cotton kitchen towels and linen whereas china is the hub of polyester/micro fibre towels.